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General information -
Main continent that players will be on is Rovia,

There are other continents but we will mainly be focusing on this one.

20-30% of the population is strong enough to be “adventurerers” where as the other 70 to 80% is just common folk.

To the north east is the major city of Hill Grove. To the mountains in the west is Garon Keep. The south east is the Eldrin Isles (island based towns.)
To the south is a forest with an elven city Kelatheel.
There are small towns and villages scattered thoughout the land.

Cities -

Hill Grove – Primairly humans and half lings but other races aren’t terribly uncommon. Massive city that has a river running throught it. A council of lords vote on laws and rulings. Has castle walls around the city and a river that is split in to running through at two locations.

Garen Keep – Dwarf strong hold in the mountains. Gnomes also reside here after most of the forest/mountains were taken over by Goblins/Orcs. Constant struggle with those for land.
Has a king named Garen. (May or may not be a Lich)

Eladrin Isles – Dragonborn and Tieflings reside here cast out from other civilizations. They use islands that have forests/caves and other things. These two races get along more so with each other since they both feel outcasted.

Kelatheel – Elf lands, high elves, wood elves and dark elves all live here. There is plains, forest and caves that all exist close enough to each other that the subraces were split by long lifestyles, however they still all get along and interact regularly. Generally at war with kobolds.

Third one – To be determined.

Lord dominic – Lord of hill grove and kingpin of the empire.

The vulture – Uses cursed currency to find bodies. Uses these to create health potions and sells them to adventurerers.

Guilds – The vanguard, Bartucks Band, Five Fiends, The Empire.

The vanguard – Global hero guild that fights for the good of the realm. Honest living and respected but not as profitable as being a free lance or a villain.

Bartucks band – To be determined.

Five Fiends – Roaming group of 5 that just want to see the world burn. Have a terrible recruiting process whenever they are missing a member.

The Empire – A local mafia gang that runs a protection schemee. Head of this is Lord Dominick who helps puts laws in to place to stay out of trouble.

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